SSCAIT 2013/14

2013/14 was the third installment of SSCAIT tournament with over 50 participants. The tournament was divided into two divisions:
  • Student division: Round Robin tournament of 1190 games, where everybody played two matches against everobody. However, only 35 individual students could score points and win prizes.
  • Mixed division: Elimination bracket of 8 best bots (including non-students and teams).

Student division results:

  • 1st, 190pts: Tomáš Vajda, Comenius University (Slovakia)
    certificate ]
  • 2nd, 184pts: Sören Klett, Universität Bielefeld (Germany)
    certificate ]
  • 3rd, 169pts: Dave Churchill, University of Alberta (Canada)
    certificate ]

Mixed division results:

First Round:
  • Tomas Cere (P) vs. AIUR (P)
  • ICELab (T) vs. UAlberta bot (P)
  • Killerbot (Z) vs. Krasi0bot (T)
  • W.O.P.R. (T) vs. XIMP (P)
  • Tomas Cere (P) vs. ICELab (T)
  • Krasi0bot (T) vs. W.O.P.R. (P)
Bronze match:
  • Tomas Cere (P) vs. W.O.P.R. (T)
Grand Finals:
  • ICELab (T) vs. Krasi0bot (P)
  • Krasi0bot (Krasimir Krystev) [ link ]
Playlist with all the games: here