SSCAIT 2019/20

There were 45 bots in the 2019/20 installment of SSCAIT. The tournament was divided into two phases:
  1. Round Robin tournament of 1980 games, where everybody played two games against everybody else. After this, 16 bots with the best score proceeded into next phase.
  2. Double elimination bracket of the 16 best bots.

Round Robin results:

The best RR win rate of 93.18% was achieved by Locutus bot by Bruce Mackenzie Nielsen.

The 16 best bots proceeding to the elimination bracket:

  1. Locutus (P)
  2. PurpleWave (P)
  3. BetaStar (P)
  4. Hao Pan (T)
  5. BananaBrain (P)
  6. Iron Bot (T)
  7. ZNZZBot (P)
  8. Dragon (T)
  9. MicroWave (Z)
  10. Proxy (Z)
  11. Steamhammer (Z)
  12. KillerBot (Z)
  13. MadMixP (P)
  14. XIAOYICOG2019 (T)
  15. TyrProtoss (P)
  16. Bereaver (P)

Elimination Bracket Videos:

The elimination bracket winner is PurpleWave bot, developed by Dan Gant (member of Facebook's team behind CherryPi bot). The bracket results are shown below.

All the elimination games can be watched in this YouTube playlist.

Double Elimination Bracket results:

Score after round-robin phase: